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Gill Regatta Master II
Digital Watch

No longer available. Replaced by the Gill Regatta Master Watch

Gill Regatta Master II
Model: W011
Waterproof sailboat racing watch and timer

Serious racers will enjoy the countdown feature that gives a sound signal every minute, and, in the last minute prior to the race start, the seconds count down in a large full screen display.

With a power saving sleep-mode, battery life is lengthened and when the time does come to change the battery, a simple coin will remove the back cover, and once re-sealed, the watch remains totally waterproof quick and easy, without the necessity of sending the watch to a repair shop.
Gill Regatta Master II Watch
In the final minute of countdown the seconds enlarge for maximum visibility. This is a great feature especially if there is water running over the face in rough conditions.

There is an international dual-time function so that two different world times may be displayed consecutively. For night-use, there is a powerful electro luminescent back light. The durable wrist strap completes the stylish design.

Features You Can Trust:
  • Countdown Timer with Sync function Adjust your timing to the nearest minute at any time during your sequence.
  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • Button Lock feature Prevents accidental button push during critical sequencing.
  • Digital Compass Gives you the ability to take quick sightings from any location on the boat, car or land.
  • Luminescent back light Easy to read at night. Calendar and Alarm Great to keep track of your time and wake you for your boat watch change.