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Nautical Almanac

Yachtsmen worldwide know Reed's as the most complete, easiest-to-use reference book you can have on board. Tides and currents, lights, beacons and buoys, harbor chartlets, weather, and more. North American East Coast covers Nova Scotia, Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, plus Bermuda and the Bahamas. Caribbean covers southeastern Florida, all islands of the Caribbean, and the coast from Venezuela north through Mexico.
Celestial navigation tables no longer included. Free mail-in request for tables is available.

No Longer Available

Reed's Nautical Almanac

East Coast North AmericaEast Coast North America
Covers Atlantic & Gulf Coasts from Nova Scotia to Mexico, including Bermuda & the Bahamas


West Coast North AmericaWest Coast North America
Coverage from Mansanillo, Mexico to Kodiak, Alaska, including Puget Sound, British Columbia inside passage, & the Hawaiian Islands


Covers the Caribbean rim from South Florida all away around through Mexico