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Nobeltec Raster Plus Pack

Jeppesen # RSOXX00001
Raster Plus Pack allows you to upgrade to Admiral MAX Pro and VNS MAX Pro while keeping many of the same features you’ve come to rely on in previous versions of Nobeltec Navigation Software. These features include support for Maptech/BSB data (version 2-5), NOSGeo data, Maptech perspective photos and other Nav data formats. In short, you’ll stay in your comfort zone with Raster Plus Pack while taking advantage of the new features in Admiral MAX Pro or VNS MAX Pro.

Nobeltec Raster Plus Pack contains the following features:
  • Maptech/BSB data format support (version 2-5) Use many of the same raster charts you’ve come to know and rely on in previous versions of Admiral and VNS. Use the 3D overlay feature on these raster charts. Open raster charts and photos in the NavView.
  • NOSGeo data format support Use NOSGeo charts in both PlanView and NavView.
  • Maptech perspective photos and extra nav data formats. Enjoy Maptech photos in both the Planview and NavView.

  • Raster Plus Pack is sold separately and requires Admiral MAX Pro or VNS MAX Pro.

    No longer sold separately, all Admiral MAX Pro or VNS MAX Pro bought from Landfall Navigation includes the Nobeltec Raster Plus Pack at no extra charge.