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Marine Radar
Simulator Software

Radar Training for Small Craft

Radar Simulator allows you to use its pre-programmed scenarios — or to set up your own situations — to hone your radar skills. Radar Simulator works just like a typical yacht radar. You control the brilliance, gain, tuning, and clutter, to get the best image. Course changes made by your vessel are reflected in the radar screen. Set up simple navigation scenarios, or nightmare harbor entrances with other vessels all around you. With practice, you’ll be ready to respond decisively the next time a large, fast-moving radar target appears on your screen. Radar Simulator is used by the U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Radar Simulator Softwarethe British Royal Navy, and numerous military and police units throughout the U.S. and Britain.

Practice using your radar to
  • Avoid close encounters
  • Fix your position
  • Navigate in limited visibility
  • Determine closet point of approach
  • Plot the course of other vessels

  • No Longer available Check out the Starpath Radar Trainer.

    Starpath Radar Trainer 3.0
    Starpath Radar Trainer 3.0

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