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Radar Reflectors for Crusing Sailboats

ISBN 1930580738
Phillip G. Gallman, Ph.D. tackles the fascinating and complicated world of radar reflectors (more accurately known as radar target enhancers or RTE) with both technical accuracy and pragmatism, allowing yachtspeople to both understand and select a product to meet their needs. The author addresses the challenging problems of making any vessel more visible to radar-equipped vessels, and points out the fallacies and misconceptions of traditional "knowledge" about the subject. By carefully modeling the performance of many well-known RTE with his clear diagrams, the author brings clarity to how these products work while at sea. This book is a great addition to the mariner's seamanship library.

Contains a special section with 16 full-color plates of photos and diagrams explaining and comparing the more common RTE. Softcover. 172 Pgs. Pub. 2005.

#BR023 $29.95