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PUR PowerSurvivor 160E Watermaker

The PUR PowerSurvivor 160E water maker offers the same reliable performance as the 80E, with nearly double the output - 6.7 gallons per hour! This rugged water maker (36 lbs.) is best suited for those who use engine power more often, and includes a 3-year warranty on all components.
PUR PowerSurvivor 160E Watermaker (.pdf)
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Katadyn (PUR) PowerSurvivor 160E Watermaker

Katadyn 12 Volt WatermakerKatadyn 12 Volt WatermakerKatadyn Item # 8013421
Draws 18 Amps

Katadyn Preventative Maintenance PackageKatadyn Preventative Maintenance PackageKatadyn Item # 8012514
Includes the contents of both the Silt Reduction Kit and the Extended Cruise Kit (#SP160X). We recommend this package for long voyages and for those who commonly face variable water conditions.

#SP160P $795.00

Katadyn Extended Cruise KitKatadyn Extended Cruise KitKatadyn Item # 8012513
Extended Cruise Kit includes items needed for regular care and periodic maintenance and/or storage. This kit contains one bottle of Acid Cleaner, two of Alkaline Cleaner, six 30-micron Pre-Filters and a Repair Seal Kit (#SP160R).

#SP160X $340.00

Katadyn Repair Seal KitKatadyn Repair Seal KitKatadyn Item # 8012520

#SP160R $150.00

Katadyn (PUR) 24 Volt WatermakerKatadyn (PUR) 24 Volt WatermakerDraws 12 Amps