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Private Opti
Event Transport
Service "Truck Boat"

Landfall provides excellent transport service to almost every major USODA event. This transport option is often significantly cheaper than a full charter and allows the sailor to use their own equipment at the event. The program works as follows:

1) Call or email campbell@landfallnav.com to arrange an opti transport for a specific event OR reserve one online.

2) Fill out the transport agreement completely and either fax or email back to Landfall.

3)Your boat must be delivered to Landfall at least 1 full business day before we depart for our trip. Specific dates will be different for each event and more information will be given to you upon signing up.

4) Transport sailors should bring their boat ready to travel in full covers with all necessary blades, spars and sails packed properly in good travel containers with their names clearly marked in numerous places. Sails will be stored inside an enclosed trailer but should still be transported in a hard tube or at least rolled on the boom.

5)Landfall will provide dollies for ALL boats on the trailer to avoid confusion. You need not provide your own.

6) Landfall specializes in being where you need us when you need us and we will do our level best to arrive at each event BEFORE you arrive and have your boat ready and waiting. Depending on event locations and venue rules we may need customer assistance getting your boat off the trailer.

7) At most events the Dinghy Locker will have at least one full time staff member on site with our parts and support trailer. Please see them for any of your needs throughout the event

8) Boat should be returned to the Landfall staff at the end of each event Cleaned, BAILED OUT, and packed back in its covers ready for travel. Once we check you back in, you're free to leave!!!

If you have any questions or have special needs for your transport please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to work with you to make your event work smoothly.

Our current calendar is as follows:
Orange Bowl Regatta, Miami FL, Late Dec.
USODA Valentines Day Regatta, St. Pete FL, Early Feb.
USODA Florida State Champs and Opti Fest, Jensen Beach FL, Early March.
USODA Team Trials, Stamford CT, Late April
USODA New England Championships, Newport RI, Early August
USODA ACC, Brant Beach NJ, Mid Oct.
USODA Mid Winters (Spring Teams Qualifier), New Orleans LA, Late Nov.

Orange Bowl / Valentines Day / FL StatesOrange Bowl / Valentines Day / FL States
Orange Bowl / Valentines Day / FL States
#orbovadayfls $350.00
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USODA New England Championship
USODA New England Championship
#usnewench $175.00

#usodaacc $175.00

2014-15 Southern Winter Events Loop TBD