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Personal Safety PFD Kit
Premium Offshore Life Jacket

  • #SMD3184 Mustang Automatic Hydrostatic Inflatable PFD w/ Integrated Sailing Harness available in Black or Red
  • #SWT10 Wichard ISAF "Bermuda" Snap Shackle Locking Double Expandable Tether
  • #SR4075A Revere See-Me LED Emergency Strobe w/ 5 year Lithium batteries
  • two-tone rescue whistle w/ lanyard

  • Personal Safety PFD Kit Premium Offshore Life Jacket
    #SPSKOP List Price $431.85Only $395.00
    Vest Color *L*: 

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    The last few years have seen too many tragic cases of man overboard drowning to be ignored. Landfall Navigation® feels very strongly that everyone when on deck should wear a PFD, even in calm weather. Because of their superior comfort, inflatable life jackets are an obvious choice. Most people find that after they get in the habit of wearing them, they feel half-naked without their PFD. Our personal safety kits are assembled from carefully chosen components to provide ultimate protection in any kind of weather. Our two top-of-the-line kits feature hydrostatic vests. Unlike water-soluble bobbins used in traditional automatic vests, a water-pressure activated hydrostatic device fires the CO2 when submerged in just 4" of water.This prevents unwanted inflation caused by drenching rain, heavy spray, or continued high humidity below decks. As with all vests, a rip-cord can be pulled for manual inflation.