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AU9 MOB Alerting Unit

PLB8-LR 'SOS' / SMRS8-LR / SMRS-LR / MOA-20100

The miniature beacon is easily incorporated into a life jacket and has a unique electroluminescent lanyard antenna that greatly improves the chances of a visible contact at night.
Sea Marshall AU9 MOB Alerting Unit Brochure (.pdf)

  • Lightweight and easily fitted to lifejacket or PFD
  • 5 second auto-activation or manually operated
  • 100mW power output
  • 24 hours emergency transmission on 121.5 MHz (international Search and Rescue)
  • LED strobe on antenna for visual tracking and to indicate beacon operating status
  • Automatic low battery indicator, user replaceable battery
  • Test function to check signal transmission and battery power
  • 2 year battery service life
  • 1 year standard warranty

    The Sea Marshall AU9 is a fully automatic Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD) that transmits a homing signal on 121.5 MHz for rescuers to track and locate a man overboard. The Sea Marshall AU9 provides 24/7 monitoring of crew at risk of falling overboard. As part of a self-managed alert and locating system, the auto-activated Sea Marshall AU9 transmits an emergency homing signal on 121.5 MHz that is received and tracked on a dedicated base unit to quickly locate and rescue a man overboard.

  • #SMRS-AU9 $499.00