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Pelican 2130 LED
Mini Flasher

The Pelican 2130 is a hi-visibility LED flashlight that can be seen over half a mile away. Just twist to turn on. It is perfect for night-time bicyclists and joggers. It is powered by 2 L1154 1.2V alkaline coin cells that last over 100 hours before replacing. Because the Mini Flasher 2130 is submersible, it is also ideal for marking your dive team.

  • Built Pelican tough
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

  • BODY: Polycarbonate Resin
  • LENS: Polycarbonate Resin
  • SWITCH TYPE: Twist On/Off Lens Shroud
  • MODES: On/Off
  • CONTACT, SPRING & RETAINER: Stainless Steel
  • O-RING: Ethylene Propylene

  • Pelican 2130 LED Strobe
    #NP2130 List Price $25.00Only $14.95

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