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Outfitting the Offshore
Cruising Sailboat

Refitting Used Sailboats
for Blue-Water Voyaging

by Peter Berman

Several books have been offered on buying used sailboats for the purpose of long distance voyaging including John Vigor s 20 Small Sailboats and Gregg Nestor s Twenty Affordable Sailboats. The used boats reviewed in these books are all available to those on a modest budget, and there are plenty other used fiberglass production boats out there which are solid candidates for the would-be cruiser. In Outfitting the Offshore Sailboat, Peter Berman reviews the criteria for selecting a used fiberglass hull sailboat, but picks up where Vigor and Nestor leave off. Berman shares his 40+ years experience of overhauling and refitting a myriad of different sailboats in preparation for offshore voyaging. Follow the information offered in Outfitting the Offshore Sailboat and you can buy and refit a cruising sailboat for a fraction of the cost of buying a new boat. Softcover. Pub 2011.

Outfitting the Offshore Cruising Sailboat
#BX088 $19.95