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The Water Rescue / Recovery
Training Dummy

“OSCAR” (the international call signal for “man-overboard”) has been developed to provide water rescue & recovery agencies with a life-like simulator that can be deployed for extended periods of time in harsh and treacherous environments.

OSCAR is ideal for ice, flat water, swift water, flood, side-scan sonar, ROV body retrieval and man-overboard evolutions.

Oscar allows rescuers to observe & asses a “victim situation” prior to performing rescue training operations. No other form of training victim is capable of withstanding long periods in extreme conditions.

OSCAR can deployed as a man overboard, in swift water conditions, strainers, low-head dams, partially and fully submerged vehicles and obstructions and in and under cold water and ice.



  Jointed at knees, waist, shoulders & neck.

  Constructed & designed for extremely realistic rescue simulations.

  When floating at chest level similar to a human, it provides realistic size and weight to properly train rescue

      personnel for transitioning victim from the water to a rescue device or craft.

  It is manufactured from extremely tough heavy duty vinyl impact bladders with stainless  steel hardware to withstand repetitive rescue scenarios.

  Bladders & hardware can easily be replaced if ever needed.

  Withstands the harsh environments of salt water, rough handling & repeated use.

  When emptied weighs just 35 lbs. and breaks down for easy transport & shelf storage.




Available in 2 Models:


1) Rescue Mode:  $699.00

  Used for surface flat & swift water conditions

  Inner lower (6) bladders are filled with water and weigh 180 lbs.

  When filled & deployed, inner bladders will sink straight down with head and arms afloat.


2) Recovery Mode:  $799.00

  Used for underwater search & recovery evolutions.

  All (9) bladders are filled with water and weigh 220 lbs.

  When filled & deployed OSCAR sinks below the surface with human-like flotation/buoyancy characteristics.


Quick Setup and Take-down:

  Before use, bladders are filled with fresh or salt water from a truck or deck hose.

  After training exercise, the bladders can be drained for transport and storage.

  A galvanized shackle allows easy lifting from the shoulder.

  SS bolt & nut allow for OSCAR to be dismantled for easy storage.



  Height: 6 feet.

  Chest area width: 18 inches

  Weight: 35 pounds empty; 180/220 pounds water-filled.


            - Heavy duty vinyl body parts

            - PVC fill/drain fittings

            - Stainless steel joints, galvanized lifting shackles.

Water Rescue / Recovery Training Simulator
#OSCAR $749.00
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