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Landfall® supplies top-notch Optimist spars as well as parts and hardware for the spars to keep your boat in supremely seaworthy condition. We have three well-stocked categories dedicated to three types of Optimist spars — Black Gold, Optimax and Optiparts — and the parts that are specific to them. We also offer a category dedicated to generic, universal Optimist parts that can be used with all spar types. Whether you want to upgrade to a high-tech Optimist boom or replace the mast on your Opti, Landfall® can help you find the right spar fittings.

No matter your preferred brand, we carry all the appropriate spar parts to keep yours in its best shape. We offer everything from low-priced outboard ends to effective wind indication pennants that help you determine the direction of the wind. Essentials such as spar snap shackles, mast corks and deck collars are a low-priced way to keep your Opti spar in great shape. Check out our complete collection of Optimist gear for hulls, sails, line, dollies and more.