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Outfit your Opti with premier Optimist sails from Landfall®. We have a great selection of high-performance sails for Opti sailors at any weight, including JSail, Olimpic, North Sails, Optiparts and Quantum sails. Whether you’re looking for Optimist racing sails for your junior racer or require an accelerated sail for intermediate Opti sailing, Landfall® has the perfect solution for your sailor’s needs and experience level. We also offer accessories, such as sail numbers, battens, tie kits and spar bags, for some brands.

Our selection of Optimist JSails is unmatched, with sails designed exclusively for and by Opti enthusiasts. They’re all made of top-quality European cloth and come in four classic colors to suit Opti sailors ranging from 70 to 100 pounds. Optiparts Club Sails are a fantastic solution for beginner-level Opti sailors requiring durability and economy at once. Landfall® is run by a team of experienced sailors, so we always try to give our customers the most realistic and valuable advice on Opti sails.

Optimist Sails from J-Sails North, Olimpic & Quantum