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Opti JSails Racing Sails


J Sails is a family company, established in Poland in 1991. Since inception, JSails specialized in Optimist sails from the beginning. The company's first success came in 2000 when a new model was designed based on coach and sail maker experience: Classic. It was with this model that J Sails had its first significant success.

Currently J Sails uses the latest software and Europe's top-quality cloth. They also have the world's best coaches' support in improving our sails.

Available in:
  • Classic Red Classic is our company's basic model. Designed in 2000, the model has quickly gained recognition and and had good results. It turned out an ideal sail for 88lb's and above. However, for lighter or less experienced sailors, it was difficult to manage the sail in strong winds.
  • Classic Blue In the autumn of 2005 we designed a version of Classic sail that is alike Heretic in that it is easier to manage in strong winds for lighter or less experienced sailors, but more skillful downwind than upwind.To differentiate the two models we introduced a color code: from the winter 2005/6 the “old”; Classic has been called Classic Red, and the new model Classic Blue. Classic Blue quickly found its fans and won many prestigious events.
  • Classic Green In the spring of 2006 a coach and parent asked us to design a sail that would suit his very young, small and light sailor. We had our doubts about the performance in light and medium winds, but after some research and consultation we did design the sail: Classic Green. The sail is meant to be used in very specific conditions: in very strong wind, by ultra light sailors, for everything has its price: the sail is considerably slower in light or medium wind conditions.
  • Classic Black Introduced in 2011 as a sail that can prolong the Optimist career of the racers who need more thrust and can't find enough in other sails. Initially it can cause some rolling problems when sailing downwind with strong winds. The Classic Black has both its supporters as well as the opponents. The latter claim that Classic Red is simply better for them. Easy to trim, produced with plain or square cloth.

  • Opti J-Sails

    JSail Opti Racing Classic Sail
    JSail Opti Racing Classic Sail

  • JSail Classic Red over > 90 lbs. sailor
  • JSail Classic Blue for 70 to 90 lbs. sailor
  • JSail Classic Green under < 70 lbs. sailor
  • JSail Classic Black over > 100 lbs. sailor

  • JSail Opti Racing Classic Sail
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