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The Optimist dinghy is one of the most popular type of sailboat for racing sailors under 15 years of age.

The Optimist has been designed and proven to be safe, durable and competitive. Each boat carries three flotation bags, guaranteeing a buoyant, self-righting boat. The Optimist uses the patented Plexus™ bonding agent to bond the hull and deck which insures a watertight seal and the strength needed in this critical area.

With over 150,000 Optimist Dinghies racing in 85 countries, the Optimist is one of the largest classes in the world. In fact, the Optimist boasts the largest single one design regatta ever with over 400 boats on the starting line. Young sailors can compete at the club, regional, national and world levels as their skills develop. The skills that the Optimist fosters can be directly translated into other classes, so the top sailors graduating from the Optimist class often find themselves competing at the top of the Laser Radial and 420 classes.


Boats bonded in the mold: LaserPerformance bonds the entire Optimist (hull, bulkhead, rails and thwart) together while they are in the mold. This ensures that our boat is as symmetric, smooth and stiff as possible.

Harken™ hardware

Plexus™ Inside: Plexus™ is a bonding material that is being used exclusively by LaserPerformance to bond the hull to the deck at both the rails, floor flanges and all other structural parts on the Optimist. This bonding material is stronger and significantly more elastic than traditional bonding materials.

Specifications for Optimist:

No Longer Available, check out our other models.