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Optimist Blades

Whether you’re in search of an upgrade to meet new IODA standards or are customizing the look of your Opti, this selection of Optimist blades includes exactly what you’re looking for. We offer racing-standard Optimist foils by McLaughlin, Optiparts and N1 Foils for high-quality and high-performance with every single blade. Optimist racers will appreciate the slightly stiffer construction of the N1 PRO Foils By McLaughlin or the attractive teak wood battens on the Optiparts Epoxy Opti Racing Foils.

The majority of these Opti blades are designed to suit the new racing standards and come with all the manufacturing components required to meet the rules and guidelines specified by IODA for the World and Continental Championship. Each foil kit includes various add-ons, such as rudder fittings, measurement certificates, a tiller and a tiller extension. Landfall® is staffed by a dedicated team of dinghy racers and enthusiasts, so we’re always on hand to assist you with your purchase if you contact us.