Optimist Hull Fittings: Blocks, Shackles, Deck, Spar

Whether you want to upgrade your Optimist blocks or repair rudder parts, our selection of Optimist hull fittings includes just what you need. At Landfall®, we offer high-quality Optimist hardware and components by some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers, including Optiparts, Harken, Ronstan and more. Stock up on affordable Optimist shackles, blocks, hiking straps, rudder fittings, daggerboard fittings and floatation airbags from our enormous selection.

Use the handy Optimist part diagram to determine which parts you’d like to replace or upgrade. This is the best place to advance your boat with top-of-the-line Optimist blocks by Harken and Ronstan, including ultra-lightweight blocks that provide high-performance cleating for intense races. If you still have questions, you can always contact Landfall® via phone or e-mail. Be sure to explore our complete selection of Optimist gear for more solutions.