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Optimist Boats & Hulls LandfallNavigation.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned dinghy racer or want to introduce your junior to the great world of Opti sailing, an Optimist boat is a premier choice. Landfall® offers hand-picked Optimist hulls by leading manufacturers to help novice and intermediate sailors find the right boat to meet their unique needs. You can choose the Opti of your dreams from Landfall®, with a broad array of color choices and even an option for a custom-colored boat. We’re pros when it comes to Optimist, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.

Ready to take the Opti plunge? Check out our selection of McLaughlin Optimist Hulls. We offer top-of-the-line hulls, including the McLaughlin Optimist Pro-Racer. This ultimate speed machine is the highest quality and most advanced Optimist in the world, promising a long life of cruising and racing adventures. The Pro-Racer comes completely rigged and includes your choice of grade-A racing spars. Of course, Landfall® can assist you with outfitting your new hull with an Optimist sail from the world’s top sail lofts.

Optimist Boats and Hulls

McLaughlin Opti Club RacerMcLaughlin Opti Club Racer For entry-level sailing

McLaughlin Opti Club Racer
Hull Color : 

McLaughlin Optimist PRO RacerMcLaughlin Optimist PRO RacerMcLaughlin Optimist
PRO Racer

McLaughlin Optimist PRO Racer
Hull Color : 
Transom Style : 
Bow Style : 
Deck Style : 
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