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OCENS MetMapper

Weather maps, ocean charts and satellite images represent a unique integration of computer intelligence and human experience. As the popularity of GRIB data has grown over the past few years, the special insights offered by classical weather and ocean charts and the better-than-birds-eye view of weather events afforded by near real-time satellite images have been neglected. By unlocking the multiple layers of information contained in these unique products, OCENS MetMapper positions them in their rightful place as fundamental components of next-generation weather analysis.

OCENS MetMapper:
Displays and processes weather maps, ocean charts, satellite images, NEXRAD radar scans, buoy graphs and text analyses and forecasts
Automatically adds an interactive map layer to a massive library of graphical weather and ocean products
Powerful animation routines put the weather in motion through sequences you retrieve from OCENS WeatherNet or quickly build yourself
GPS integration places your boat position inside of geo-referenced maps and animations.

OCENS MetMapper
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