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Yukon 3x42
Night Vision Multi Task
Waterproof Monocular

Model # 24022WP (NV MT2 WP)

Yukon Advanced Optics NV MT2 WP is proud to introduce the newest addition to its premium night vision line. The NV MT2 WP embraces the most modern, cutting edge technology available without forgetting practicality. A key component to the originality of the new NV MT2 WP is that it sheds the burden of a one-dimensional item and evolves into a multi-functional system allowing the scope to be used virtually anywhere. You will be simply amazed by the ease of use and quality of image provided by this compact waterproof unit.

The NV MT's newly developed lenses have improved wavelength / contrast characteristics which help to utilize every bit of light amplification from the night vision tube. Yukon Night Vision Multi Task NV MT2 WPThis unique design allows the scope to produce a clear image with quality and high resolution.

NV MT2 WP is equipped with comfortable sensor control buttons coupled with an ergonomically designed body and innovative lens cover. Rugged rubber armor protects the NV MT from destructive moisture and other elements.

Yukon's exclusive PULSTM system provides the highest level of infrared illumination without the significant power drain on the battery. The PLUSTM system allows the maximum possible output by the I.R. Illuminator doide, yet letting it rest between the impulses to protect the IR from burning out. The pulsing frequency is invisible to a human eye but it penetrates longer distances due the quick energy bursts of the IR.

Included Accessories: Padded Corduroy Case with Carrying Strap, a CR123A Lithium battery, and Yukon Advanced Optics Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Note: The Yukon Monocular fits perfectly in our Pelican Red Micro Case.

Yukon Night Vision Monocular
#NVMT342 List Price $349.99Only $249.99

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