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NV. Charts Region 10.1 Cuba NorthEAST

NV. Charts Region 10.1 Cuba NorthEAST

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NV. Charts Region 10.1 Cuba NorthEAST


NV. Charts are especially designed with the requirements of the yachtsman in mind. Fine contours and easy-to-distinguish color graduations of the depth line. Presented in a handy, user-friendly size (23 1/2", 16 1/2") and thick plastic envelope protects the charts.


NV. Charts Region 10.1, Cuba Northeast, Pta. Maisi to Varadero Includes:, Passage Charts, 10 Coastal Charts, 22 Approaches, Harbors and Anchorages and GPS Charted Waypoints The NV. Charts are characterized by fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth lines, turquoise for coral reefs, red for the 2-meter-line and blue for the 5-m-areas. Presented in a handy, user friendly size, (23+'', 16 +''), thick plastic envelope protects the charts, enabling them to be easily stored. The importance of good graphical representation of the topography when sailing in the Caribbean is essential. Well marked rivers, towns and street plans all help to give, clear overall view of the shore-side facilities of the islands. Red numbered waypoints with coordinates based on WGS 84 enable yachtsmen to navigate using their GPS instruments. Heights and depths are given in the internationally accepted format of meters. Large scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages. Packages Includes:, Passage Charts, 10 Coastal Charts, 22 Approaches, Harbors and Anchorages and GPS Charted Waypoints. Chart Nr, Chart Name, Scale NCU000_1 Caribbean Sea 6500000 NCU138_1 Florida, Bahamas a Cuba 3200000 NCU101_1 Cuba Northeast 900000 NCU102_1 Cuba Central Northeast 900000 NCU103_1 Pta. Maisi to Bahia Nipe 340000 NCU104_1 Bahia Nipe to Pta. Maternillos 340000 NCU105_1 Pta. Maternillos to Cayo Paredon Grande 340000 NCU106_1 Cayo Paredon Grande to Cayo Fragoso 340000 NCU107_1 Cayo Fragoso to Varadero 340000 NCU108_1 Pta.Maisi to Baracoa 120000 NCU109_1 Baracoa to Cayo Moa 120000 NCU110_1 Cayo Moa to Bahia Nipe 120000 NCU111_1 Bahia Nipe to Bahia de Sama 120000 NCU112_1 Bahia de Sama to Pta.Mangles 120000 NCU113_1 Pta.Mangles to Pta.Roma, Bahia Manati 120000 NCU114_1 Pta.Roma, Bahia Manati to Pta.Cruz 120000 NCU115_1 Pta.Cruz to Cayo ConfIt's 120000 NCU116_1 Cayo ConfIt's to Cayo Paredon Grande 120000 NCU117_1 Cayo Paredon Grande to Cayo Jaula 120000 NCU118_1 Cayo Jaula to Cayo Caiman del Faro 120000 NCU119_1 Cayo Caiman del Faro to Cayo Frances 120000 NCU120_1 Cayo Frances to Cayo Fragoso 120000 NCU121_1 Cayo Fragoso to Cayo Cristo 120000 NCU122_1 Cayo Cristo to Cayo Bahia de Cadiz 120000 NCU123_1 Cayo Bahia de Cadiz to Varadero 120000 NCU124_1 Bahia de Cayo Moa 40000 NCU125_1 Bahia de Tanamo 25000 NCU126_1 Bahia de Nipe 60000 NCU127_1 Bahia de Banes 25000 NCU128_1 Bahia de Naranjo 25000 NCU128_2 Bahia de Baracoa 15000 NCU128_3 Bahia de Mata 25000 NCU128_4 Bahia de Sama 25000 NCU128_5 Bahia de Taco 25000 NCU129_1 Bahia de Vita 15000 NCU129_2 Bahia de Bariay, Jururu 25000 NCU129_3 Puerto Gibara 25000 NCU130_1 Bahia de Puerto Padre 40000 NCU130_2 Canal de los Barcos 20000 NCU131_1 Bahia de Manati 40000 NCU131_2 Puerto Caibarien 40000 NCU132_1 Bahia de NuevIt's 40000 NCU133_1 Cayo Frances 40000 NCU134_1 Cayo Cristo to Isabela de Sagua 60000 NCU134_2 Cayos Falcones 40000 NCU135_1 Varadero 60000 NCU136_1 Marinas Chapelin a Gaviota 15000 NCU137_1 Canal de Paso Malo 15000


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