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Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass

Padded blue canvas pouch with stainless steel stud closure and back loop can be worn on your belt or on the lanyard around your neck to protect your Iris 50 when not in use. The Iris 50 is an elegant personal navigation tool that gives accurate bearings in all types of boats and weather conditions. You may have seen navigator Brad Butterworth on the America’s Cup 2003 winner Alinghi frequently sighting through the Iris 50 he wore around his neck for every race. The ergonomic design is comfortable in your hand and extremely easy to use. Wear it around your neck with the integral lanyard, or store it in an optional protective canvas pouch on your belt.

Iris 50 HBC Features:
• Card remains stable whatever your position and is unaffected by heeling, shock and vibration
• Extremely legible card is graduated every 1°
• Wide 20° field of view accommodates even the roughest sea conditions
• No parallax error; the prism projects the reading of the bearing to infinity
• No need to alternate close reading of the card and infinite reading of bearings, a boon to eyeglass wearers
• Reads from above like a standard compass, or through the prism
• Soft bottom cell works like an expansion diaphragm to prevent bubble formation
• Built-in photoluminescent light is maintenance-free and operates without batteries or radioactive tritium
• Smooth, nonslip finish feels soft to the touch and protects against hard knocks
• Shockproof
• Waterproof
• Weighs just 3.8oz (105g)
• 5-year warranty

Padded Canvas Pouch
#NPHBC-P $40.52