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Weems & Plath
GPS Plotter

W&P 130
The fast and simple GPS Plotter way to fix your GPS position on a paper chart

At first glance you might think this tool is just another traditional parallel plotter, but upon closer examination you will see that this new instrument was specifically designed for the modern navigator. The GPS Plotter is a straightforward and effective interface between a GPS and a paper chart. It’s true that the electronics age has revolutionized the way we navigate forever. Latitude and longitude are often read straight from the display of a GPS receiver. But despite advances in electronic charting, a wise seafarer will always carry hardcopy paper charts for the reasons of safety backup, reliability and cost.

No existing plotting tools lend themselves to plotting a position using latitude and longitude from a GPS. They were not designed for that purpose and are awkward, cumbersome and slow. The GPS Plotter enables the lat and long obtained from a GPS to be quickly, easily and accurately plotted on a paper chart in a simple two-step maneuver. It does this with its innovative straight-line action and its special pencil guide holes. Designed and manufactured in England, the GPS Plotter is made in a sturdy clear acrylic for maximum chart visibility and in one size to cover all chart sizes. It also has a slip and grip feature that is especially welcome when the going gets rough at sea and reduces the risk of inaccuracies. The GPS Plotter is considerably less expensive and intrinsically more reliable than electronic charts and without their built-in obsolescence. Despite being designed principally for use in conjunction with a GPS, the new instrument features protractor markings and can also serve as a conventional style plotting device. Dimensions: 6” x 20”; Weight: 9.8 oz.

Weems & Plath GPS Plotter
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