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Northstar 952W
Color Chart Plotter

Northstar's award-winning GPS/WAAS Chart System includes a full-color high-resolution LCD display.

Northstar is the undisputed leader in high-quality, user-friendly GPS/WAAS chart plotting systems for both commercial and recreational marine use. By combining the highest quality state-of-the-art GPS/WAAS technology, Northstar's legendary user-friendly software, and a sunlight-viewable full-color display, Northstar has once again set the standard for electronic marine navigation systems with the 952XW.

Day or night
Unmatched for speed, accuracy, and viewability - from direct sunlight to total darkness - the 952XW provides you with the ability to navigate with total confidence and peace of mind. You're in control because the 952XW has a color screen that's crystal clear.

Real-time Info
The 952 also offers waypoint and route sharing between 952, 951 and/or 941 units so that you can have real-time information where you want it.

The 952 is available with WAAS/GPS or DGPS/WAAS. Northstar's 952 color Vector charting system gives you the flexibility to choose. Runs Navionics Nav-Chart Cartridges.

Northstar's 952 includes: 952W GPS Color Chart Plotter w/ Standard 2 channel GPS/WAAS Antenna built in, AN150-P GPS/WAAS 12 channel Antenna w/ 50' cable.

Northstar 952W Color GPS Chartplotter

952XW: Same as the above 951X, Plus an internal WAAS receiver, 12 channel GPS receiver w/ 2 channels dedicated for WAAS corrections.


952XD Dual: Same as the aboce 952 X, Plus a separate 2 Channel Differential Beacon Receiver (DGPS) antenna to provide upto 3 meter accuracy! Includes coupler w/ 25' of cable.


952XDW: Combines the above 952XW and the 952XD.


w/ Combo Antenna
952XD Combo: Same as the 952 XD plus a combination GPS/DGPS loop antenna.


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