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Zhik Microfleece Pant and Skiff Suit

MicroFleece have proven to be a big winner and is becoming an increasingly popular choice compared to the traditional heavy neoprenes. There are big gains in flexibility and comfort with these suits, available in both mens and womans styles. ZhikSkin MicroFleece is relatively thin super stretchy neoprene, laminated with an inner layer of silver fleece. This material combines to bring you a suit that is as warm as your traditional 2 or 3mm neoprene, however the suit is ultra-light.

Zhik Unisex MicroFleece PantsZhik Unisex MicroFleece Pants
Zhik Unisex MicroFleece Pants
Colors / Sizes: 

Zhik Kids MicroFleece PantsZhik Kids MicroFleece Pants
Zhik Kids MicroFleece Pants
Colors / Sizes: 

Zhik MicroFleece Men's Skiff WetsuitZhik MicroFleece Men's Skiff Wetsuit
Zhik MicroFleece Men's Skiff Wetsuit
Colors / Sizes: 

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