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Cyalume Personnel Marker Light Single PML

NSN #6260-01-086-8077 PML 9-80770 8 HOUR

The Cyalume Technologies PML® Personnel Marker Light can be clipped on a life jacket, strap or clothing and contains a green ChemLight™ that is manually activated by squeezing the handle. When the protective sleeve is removed, 360° of steady light is revealed and will last 8 hours.

The Dual PML® has two ChemLights™ that are both activated when the handles are squeezed for use in warm or cold water with 8 hours of light.

Both the PML and Dual PML are visible up to 1 nautical mile and up to 3 by air. PML®s and Dual PML®s are Coast Guard approved.

#SPML1 $9.95