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Switlik Rescue Pod
4 Person Life Raft

The Switlik Rescue Pod-4 is an affordable alternative to a full fledged life raft, for those whose nautical ventures are reasonably close to shore. This is not a USCG-approved life raft, and it is not for vessels that are required to carry a life raft. Soft Fabric ValiseInstead, it's an exceptionally rugged and well-designed "emergency flotation system" (built with the same materials and components as Switlik's approved rafts) for vessels in the 20-35' range, which have neither the space nor the need for an offshore raft. The raft comes packed in either a

  • Hard Fiberglass ContainerSoft Fabric Valise: 12" diameter x 24" long. 33 lbs
  • Fiberglass Container: 24" long x 13" wide x 12.5" height. 44 lbs
  • Buoyancy: 205 lbs. per person

  • Switlik Rescue Pod 4 Specifications (.pdf)

    For so many boaters who can't justify the expense of a USCG approved raft, this is an excellent, life-saving alternative. Kudos to Switlik for a great idea! We also suggest you carry an EPIRB and Abandon ship bag.

    Congratulations to Switlik on their Double Excellent review for
    Life Raft Material, Construction and Servicing
    (Practical Sailor pg.22 August 1, 2000)

    Standard Features & Equipment
    * Insulating Heat Sealed Double Wall Canopy (oral inflation)
    * Water Activated Exterior Locator Light
    * Painter / Static Line (length, 25 ft.)
    * Manual Topping Off Valve
    * Pressure Relief Valve
    * CO2 Inflation System
    * Lifelines (inner / outer)
    (1) Utility Bag
    (1) Manual Inflation Pump
    * Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon Buoyancy Chamber
    * Sea Anchor (automatically deployed)
    * Rectangular Ballast Pockets
    * Retro-Reflective Tape
    * Raft Use Instructions
    * POD Righting Strap
    (1) Floating Knife
    (1) Repair Clamps (2 ea.)
    (1) Waterproof Combination Strobe / Flashlight

    Check here for more life rafts and look here for shipping costs.


    Switlik Rescue Pod 4 Life Raft

    Packed in: 
    Shipping Method *R*: 

    Deck Mounting Cradle
    Anodized Aluminum
    (for use w/ container only)
    Hydrostatic Release is not available for this cradle

    Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor