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Maximum Stratus

The Stratus is a remote reading electronic hygrometer which displays outside relative humidity over a scale of 0 - 100%. A user-adjustable needle at the center of the instrument allows you to observe changes in relative humidity. The exterior humidity sensor is housed in a sintered bronze enclosure and carries a 2-year warranty. Includes humidity sensor with 60' cable and AC adaptor.

  • STA Stratus Brass case, Silver dial
  • STB Stratus Brass case, Black dial
  • STAC Stratus Chrome case, Silver dial
  • STBC Stratus Chrome case, Black dial
  • STAN Stratus Nickel case, Silver dial
  • STBN Stratus Nickel case, Black dial

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  • #NMSTRAT-- List Price $550.00Only $495.00


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