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NauticEd Manuvering
Under Power Clinic

By Captain Grant Headifen, USCG Master

In this Maneuvering Under Power Clinic you will learn:
  • Beginner to advanced maneuvering skills
  • How to dock a large sailboat
  • How to reverse your boat into a slip with ease
  • How to handle high winds from any direction when docking
  • How to use prop walk to your advantage
  • How not to get pushed around by the wind
  • How to maneuver a sailboat in a tight marina with high winds

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    More About the NauticEd Maneuvering Under Power Clinic:

  • View an excerpt of the Maneuvering a Sailboat under Power Sailing Course
  • Contains 27 practical exercises in a PDF download to complete on the water
  • Theory portion will take about 3 hours to complete
  • Take as long as you need to complete the clinic
  • Return as many times as you like to brush up
  • Is a prerequisite for the NauticEd Rank of Skipper
  • Adds the Maneuvering Under Power Endorsement to your Sailing Certificate
  • The online version is also available in Available in french (Select "french" when you invest in this course or anytime whilst taking the course)
  • You may take the test at anytime online via browser or offline via our iPad testing app. Visit our Sailing Apps page

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    NauticEd Manuvering Under Power Clinic
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