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NauticEd Coastal Navigation Clinic

By Captain Ed Mapes with Captain Grant Headifen

In this Coastal Navigation Clinic you will learn:
  • The Charts and how to use navigation tools
  • True north and magnetic north - and variation and deviation
  • Determining your position using various techniques such as dead reckoning, running fixes and triangulation
  • What to do with your GPS position to get you to your destination
  • Set and drift from wind, tides and current
  • How to simply determine your heading based on Set and Drift

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    More about this Coastal Navigation Sailing Clinic:
  • View an excerpt from the Coastal Navigation Course
  • Extensive and essential knowledge for Coastal Navigation.
  • This Sailing Course takes approximately 10 hours of total time to complete
  • Take as long as you need to complete
  • Return as many times as you like to review
  • Take the online test as many times as you like
  • Adds the Coastal Navigation Endorsement to your Sailing Certificate
  • A downloadable PDF of the entire sailing course is also available to read offline

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