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Navionics State Selectable Chart
of Marine and Lakes USA

Replaced by Navionics + Plus

Navionics State Selectable Chart of Marine and Lakes USA. MSD/DWL-S
Provides all the freshest data coverage you need. With this prepaid chip, simply select a state (California, Texas and Florida are split into two selectable regions). Once selected, Navionics extensive, 17,000-lake database delivers updating regional lake charts and data – up to 10,000 changes per week. The chart offers flexible coverage for that boater or fisherman beyond the state’s borders. Regions bordering the Great Lakes or coastlines get offshore marine coverage. Includes FREE PC app that views charts, zooms, accesses wind forecasts and more. It even geotags, audio files, videos and photos to your maps. App downloads on up to five computers – Mac or PC. USB Card adapter included.
Not all chart plotters use the same cartridge please
check for compatability on our Navionics Compatible Chartplotters (.pdf).

Replaced by Navionics + Plus

Navionics Cartridges
Navionics Cartridges

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