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NauticED Online Courses

Can't make it to the Marine Training Center?

Learn to Sail with Landfall's online-education partner,
The NauticEd International Sailing School!

NauticEd Provides

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Online Multimedia

Interactive Sailing Courses
Internationally Recognized

Sailing Certifications

Sailing Course Bundles: Save Money when you purchase multiple courses
Skipper Rank

Perfect for day sailors looking to gain or strengthen core competencies.
Bareboat Charter Rank

Ideal for anyone considering a Bareboat Charter. Accepted by charter companies world wide.
NauticEd Captain Rank

Our most comprehensive package for serious blue water sailing world wide know how.
(if you're investing in a bundle, you'll get credit for a la carte sailing courses already purchased)

Individual Sailing Courses: Specialized knowledge at a fraction of the bundled course option.
Free Basic Sail Trim Course
Navigation Rules


Maneuvering Under Power Clinic

Not sure about us yet? Try this awesome free basic sail trim sailing course. No matter how advanced you are.
This FREE online sailing lesson is a great refresher course for EVERYONE. Take this FREE course now.
A comprehensive sailing lesson for beginner to intermediate sailors.
An absolutely essential maneuvering and docking course that will save you thousands in dents, bumps and scratches at the marina.
Bareboat Charter Clinic

Coastal Navigation Clinic

Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic

British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing Course

Taking a sailing vacation? All hands on deck - this is the Bareboat Charter course for you and ALL of your crew.
Learn to navigate your sailboat. If you plan on sailing off shore or are taking a sailing vacation, you need this course.
Converting over to a catamaran or chartering a catamaran for the first or second time? Learn the essential differences between sailing a monohull and a catamaran.
Save time and money at the BVI Charter Base by getting a pre-cleared BVI Fast Check-Out Chart Briefing. Accepted by most charter companies as a fast check out alternative.
Electronic Navigation Course

Qualified Crew Member Course

Sail Trim

Storm Tactics

Our Newest and most hi-tech course. Don't look like a clutz when randomly pushing buttons on your GPS and other electronic navigation devices.
Learn to sail and contribute as a crew member on a modern cruising sailboat. Learn the lines, sailing terminology, sail trim and rules of the road.
Learn the true art and finesse of trimming the sails. When to adjust the fairleads, the traveler, the downhaul, the outhaul, the Cunningham, the boom vang.
Even when day sailing, a storm can be upon us in minutes. Are you prepared with the knowledge now? This storm tactics course will teach the essentials to keep you and your crew alive.
Anchoring a Sailboat Clinic


Safety at Sea

Introductory Celestial Navigation Clinic

Whether you are sailing your own vessel in coastal waters or chartering in the Caribbean or beyond.
If you're a real sailor then you need to understand and read the weather. It's as simple as that!
So... you're way way at sea and your mast just broke - what are you going to do? Your rudder was just torn off by a whale strike - what now?
If you're in any way intrigued with Celestial Navigation, this is the best and simplest celestial navigation course available.