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Astra IIIB Deluxe
"A good sextant
at a great price!"

The Astra IIIB sextant incorporates all of the features of high-end German and Japanese sextants, at about one third of their cost. But make no mistake: it is a very accurate instrument of very high quality. How does Astra do it? First of all, itís made in China, where labor rates are vastly lower than in Germany or Japan. Second, they use an aluminum alloy for the frame (as does Freiberger and C. Plath in its lightweight sextants). As a result, there is a very minor sacrifice in potential accuracy (+ or - 20 seconds throughout the arc, compared with 9 seconds for the Cassens & Plath), which is likely to be completely inconsequential when taking sights from a moving small yacht. The Astra IIIB is, in fact, used by many professional navigators.

Astra IIIB Deluxe Sextant w/ CaseThe Astra features a rectangular index mirror, available with either a traditional half-silvered (split) or whole (full) horizon versions. The mirrors are easily interchanged, so if you donít know which to choose, start with the whole horizon type. Itís a little easier for beginners to use, and you can always change it later. Other features include LED lighting of arc and drum, oil, adjusting wrench, and instructions, all in a varnished wooden case. A 3.5 x 40 scope is standard.

We can recommend the Astra IIIB Deluxe to all navigators ó and especially to those beginning to learn celestial ó without reservation. Itís a bargain.
  • #NAS3AF Astra IIIB Deluxe Sextant Whole / Full Horizon Mirror
  • #NAS3AT Astra IIIB Deluxe Sextant Split (Traditional) Horizon Mirror

  • Astra IIIB Deluxe Sextant
    #NAS3A(-) List Price $800.00Only $659.00
    Mirror Style: 

    Practice Bubble Horizon
    Practice Bubble Horizon

    Prism Telescope 7x35
    Prism Telescope 7x35