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Elite Hydrostatic Inflatable

Its time to push the limits of performance without compromise. Built on a revolutionary 3D chassis, Mustang Survival's Elite™ Inflatable PFD stays put at high speeds, lets you move the way you want and NEED to and provides automatic inflation powered by Hammar® Hydrostatic Inflator Technology.

Mustang Elite Hydrostatic PFD

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The 3D chassis reduces drag at speed, the wide shoulder system eliminates neck fatigue, a wicking mesh liner improves all-day comfort, dual-side adjusters ease fit and an exclusive sleek inflation handle prevents snags. The bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell provides 26lb buoyancy (115 Newtons) when inflated and improves visibility in a rescue scenario.

    The Mustang Survival Elite Hydrostatic PFD Features:
  • Aerodynamic 3D chassis-reduces drag at high speed
  • Wide shoulder system eliminates neck fatigue
  • Wicking mesh liner improves breathability
  • Lightweight fabric shell, also used in the body armor industry
  • Hydrostatic Inflator Provides 26 lb (115 N) buoyancy upon activation
  • Sleek inflation handle prevents unnecessary interference or snags
  • Shaped for optimum mobility and all day comfort
  • Bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell
  • Back panel provides stability at speed
  • Mesh vent for enhanced breathability

Click on Image to Download The Hi-res PDF of the Elite Hydrostatic Features.
USCG Type III Recreational / USCG Type V Commercial