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Musto MPX Offshore
GORE-TEX Technology Series

Musto MPX Series
Musto MPX GORE-TEX products use a lighter weight version of the HPX GORE-TEX Ocean Technology membrane. Laminated between inner and outer materials it creates an extremely durable, waterproof and highly breathable fabric. MPX GORE-TEX products are ideal for offshore and coastal racing and cruising.

The fabric allows moisture vapor from inside the suit to 'breathe out', while stopping any sea or rainwater getting in. This is achieved by having microscopic holes in the membrane, large enough to let water vapor out, but much too small to let water droplets in.

Laminated to the GORE-TEX membrane are inner and outer fabrics. The outer fabric is a hardwearing woven nylon to give the overall fabric the strength that is required. MPX GORE-TEX Race is ideal for high activity, high performance sailing such as racing round the cans.

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  • Musto MPX Offshore Jacket for Women

    Musto MPX Offshore Jacket for Women

    Code: MUS-MPX-JW
  • Musto MPX  Offshore Trousers

    Musto MPX Offshore Trousers

    Code: MUSM1505
  • Musto MPX Women's Gore-Tex Offshore Trouser

    Musto MPX Women's Gore-Tex Offshore Trouser

    Code: MUS-MPX-TW
  • Musto MPX Race Salopette

    Musto MPX Race Salopette

    Code: MUS-MPX-SA
  • Musto MPX Drysuit

    Musto MPX Drysuit

    Code: MUSM1431