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Person Overboard Procedures - Illustrated

Person Overboard Procedure
  1. MAN OVERBOARD hailed and spotter allocated. Use two spotters if crew numbers allow for it.
  2. Mainsheet or Helm positions push MAN OVERBOARD button on steering pedestal , chartplotter or handheld GPS (Hold for 5 Seconds)
  3. Loud Hail to Nav Station “MAN OVERBOARD” and “ALL HANDS ON DECK”
  4. Deploy either or multiple of the following:
    1. Lifesling
    2. Life Ring/Type IV PFD
    3. MOM 8

For Non-Motorized Recovery
  1. Perform Person Overboard Recovery Maneuvers as practiced by crew.
    NOTE: Determining maneuvers for recovery should be made on a basis of what the crew has practiced and is familiar with while taking into consideration man-made and natural obstructions and sea-state.

For Motor Assisted Recovery
  1. Perform a Standard drop of Headsail/Spinnaker
  2. Three Reefs in Main or Mainsail down
  3. Clear Call “NO ROPES OVER THE SIDE” before the Prop is engaged

Person Recovery Phase
  1. Swimmer of the watch dressed
  2. Recovery halyard prepared/Bowman prepared
  3. Recover the Person Overboard
  4. Address any injuries sustained to person overboard
  5. Change Person Overboard and swimmer into dry clothing
  6. In Situations where hypothermia is possible, get Person Overboard into insulated or emergency blankets or covering
  7. Dress and Warm Swimmer
  8. Re-Arm any lifejackets that may have deployed or activated during the procedures.

Download these tips as a PDF

For More information on Person Overboard Recoveries please see John Rousmaniere‘s Crew Overboard Rescue Symposium Final Report.

Person Overboard Procedures - Illustrated