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Mustang SOLAS Immersion Suit - Adult Oversize

Body Weight: 225-375lb. (100-170kg) / Max Height: 80" (203cm)

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MIS230 HR - Adult Universal (Orange Bag)
Body Weight: 110-300 lb. / Height: 59" - 75"
MIS220 HR - Adult Small (Red Bag)
Body Weight: 110 - 200 lb. / Max Height: 68"
MIS240 HR - Adult Oversize (Green Bag)
Body Weight: 225 - 375lb. / Max Height: 80"
MIS210 HR - Child (Yellow Bag)
Body Weight: 44 - 110 lb. / Max Height: 59"
SOLAS Approved Designed for use in commercial operations, this suit provides flotation and hypothermia protection when every second counts. Ideal for workboats, transport vessels, drilling rigs, supply ships, and commercial fishermen. Features include lifting harness and buddy line, five-fingered insulated gloves, inflatable head pillow, face shield and water-tight face seal, adjustable wrists and ankles, 5mm fire retardant neoprene, triple-sealed seam construction, SOLAS grade reflective tape, hailing whistle, light pocket, non-slip, durable soles on foot bottom. USCG approved and SOLAS compliant. Features: USCG APPROVED and meets new IMO/SOLAS Immersion suit standard IMO RES.MSC.207(81) Easy to don in stormy conditions Five-fingered insulated gloves for warmth and dexterity Water-tight face seal Includes buddy line Includes lifting harness Wrist and ankle adjustments for a better fit 5mm fire retardant neoprene provides flotation and hypothermia protection Triple-sealed seam construction Non-slip, durable soles Available in four sizes: Child, Small Adult, Adult Universal (shown), and Adult Oversize - proper sizing will increase survival time.