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Herreshoff Saluting Cannon Teak Carriage w/ Cherry Wood Box

An authorized reproduction of L. Francis Herreshoff's Saluting Cannon is 16" long, made of polished bronze, and rides on a solid teak carriage, breach loads and fires 10 gauge blanks. A hardwood mallet comes standard.

Firing of the cannon is accomplished by striking the cascabel (ball) smartly with the wood mallet. The empty shell is extracted by running the mallet handle down the bore. The Herreshoff Saluting Cannon is available in a hardwood storage / travel case. The wooden base becomes the cannon's firing platform when being shown and fired. Extra 10 gauge blank shells are stored in the magazine rack.

After a normal day of firing, the bore should be swabbed out and lightly oiled before being stored. The Herreshoff Saluting Cannon is the Choice of Yacht Clubs, Sailing Fleets, Winning Skippers, and National Sponsors. Our cannons are fast becoming the nationally recognized trophies of choice, their beauty and functionality make them a prized reward. Yes, a useful trophy...and every time the cannon is fired a cherished memory comes to mind.

  • Barrel Length Overall: 16"
  • Weight with Teak Carriage: 19 lbs.
  • Solid Teak Carriage
  • Handcrafted polished brass / bronze hardware
  • Handcrafted cherry case w/ polished brass hardware
  • Fires: 10 Gauge Black Powder Blank Shells
  • Hardwood mallet, polished brass barrel & hardware

  • #LHSC3 $2,460.00