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Aquamate Solar Still

Manufactured to ISO 9002
NATO Stock no. 4610-66-144-2646
Aquamate product manufactured by Echomax

  • Tear open pack for emergencies
  • Easily inflated by mouth
  • Lanyard fixing
  • Pure water stored in separate pouch
  • High visibility orange plastic
  • Proven reliability
  • Made to ISO 9002 with NATO stock number

  • Aquamate Inflatable Solar Stills are light, compact, and very easy to use. They utilize solar radiation to distill and collect pure drinking water from sea or impure water.

    The still will produce 500 to 2000 ccs (1 to 4 pints) of water per day and has been used by military and civilian services throughout the world for the past 40 years.

    Packs neatly away to 26 x 23 x 7cm. weighs just 1075 grams. At a fraction of the cost of a mechanical or electrical unit this is an ideal addition to the safety grab bag for any ocean going yachtsman.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Turns sea water or impure water into drinking water utilizing solar radiation. No electricity needed.
  • Safety at sea: An ideal addition to the grab bag for any ocean going yachtsman - you are always sure to have drinking water.
  • Competitive: The solar still costs only a fraction of the price of a mechanical or electrical unit.
  • Proven reliability: The solar still has been used for over fifty years by military and civilian services around the world.
  • NATO stock number 4610-99-553-9955
  • Instructions in 6 languages.
  • Aquamate solar stills are light, compact and very easy to use.
  • The still will produce 500-2000 ccs of water per day.
  • Packs neatly away to 36x22x6cm and weights just 1349 gms.
  • Made from Phthalate free PVC

  • #MEMSS $239.95


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