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McMurdo FastFind - Universal Pouch

McMurdo FastFind - Universal Pouch

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McMurdo FastFind - Universal Pouch


Announcing the amazing new McMurdo FastFind Satellite Personal Locator Beacon (PLB): the most compact, waterproof and versatile 406 MHz emergency location beacon available on the market today.


The Fast Find is a 406 MHz Personal Location Beacon (PLB) that should be carried by individuals, who are embarking on trips into areas around the world where there is little or no other forms of communication or where other forms of communication are unlikely to work. The Fast Find acts as your personal Emergency Location Beacon, it is your last resort communication to the national and international search and rescue bodies and it should not be misused. The Fast Find is designed as a direct communication, to the 406 MHz Search and Rescue satellite system, its signal indicates that you are in need of urgent response and assistance. The location of a McMurdo Fast Find 210 GPS PLB can be determine to a typical positional accuracy of about +/- 62 metres (0.03 miles) within a few minutes of PLB activation.


McMurdo FastFind PLB Manual

Its small size belies its rugged construction and powerful output. There is no compromise. Once activated, the distress beacon will send out a signal for help, and continues to transmit for at least 24 hours, at a powerful 5 watt output, ensuring that your call for help gets through whatever the conditions. The pocket sized beacon transmits at the press of a button, to alert search and rescue services to your plight.

McMurdo FastFind PLB is an essential piece of life-saving equipment, weighing in at just 5.3 oz (150g) and having the size of an average mobile telephone (actual dimensions being 1.34”/34mm x 1.85”/47mm x L 4.17”/106mm) it will slip into the smallest pocket or backpack compartment. The user can activate it in the most remote locations around the world: on land, at sea or in the air, and can be confident of being able to contact the world’s professional search and rescue services directly if they are to encounter a possibly life-threatening situation.

McMurdo FastFind PLB comes equipped with an integral 50-channel GPS system and complies with rigid federal and international standards. It operates on the global COSPAS SARSAT 406MHz search and rescue satellite communication system, so a call for help will be acted upon…and fast. The McMurdo FastFind PLB is subscription FREE and does not rely on any commercial call centers.

THE McMurdo FastFind PLB model transmits two signals simultaneously: a global 406 MHz signal and a 121.5MHz local signal. Once activated, McMurdo FastFind PLB’s signals will continue to transmit for at least 24 hours, at a powerful 5 watt output, the 406 MHz transmission ensures that a call for help gets through, no matter what the conditions. McMurdo FastFind PLB also includes a unique flashing SOS LED light to further assist in speeding up the user’s recovery time during night rescues.

McMurdo FastFind PLB will operate in temperatures as low as -20°c and its integral battery has a user storage life of 5 years, so there’s no need for frequent battery changes or re-charging.

Put a McMurdo FastFind PLB in your pocket, and get found fast.

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