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C-Map MAX/PC Chart

MAX/PC is the PC version of C-MAPs popular MAX electronic chart database for use on personal computers.

C-Map's MAX/PC cartography is compatible with the following industry-leading navigation software applications:
MAX Pro Cartography 
by C-Map for Nobeltec.
Look here for
MAX Pro Cartography
for Nobeltec by C-Map.
  • Coastal Explorer
  • Boat Cruiser 2.0: NavSim Technology
  • Deckman for Windows by Simrad/B&G
  • Expedition
  • MaxSea: Furuno
  • NavPak by Global Navigation Software Company
  • Software-On-Board: DigiBoat
  • WindPlot by P-Sea Software Company

  • Package Includes:
  • One Wide ($179) (CMPCW) and One Max/PC Americas CD-ROM or
  • One MegaWide ($279) (CMPCMW) Voucher Code and One Max/PC Americas CD-ROM.

  • C-Map MAX / PC Charts WIDE (W) and MEGA WIDE (MW) Coverage (.pdf)

  • C-Map MAX / PC Chart
    #CMPC--- List Price $279.00Only $179.00
    Max Voucher: 

    C-Map Cartridges
    C-Map Cartridges

    2018 MAX, NT+, 4D
    MAX-N, MAX-N+, & NT