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A classic wind
information center for
your home or your boat

Maestro displays wind speed, wind direction and highest gust in MPH and km/h. Maestro 2S is similar to our standard Maestro, but with expanded scale. A toggle switch at the bottom of the case changes readings from 120 MPH to 40 MPH scale for a more dynamic display of wind speed. Wind speed is self-powered by rooftop sensor. Wind direction is displayed across 16 compass points using LED’s which run off the supplied AC power pack. Highest gusts are saved on our unique Gust Register, which allows you to monitor highest gusts even if you missed the actual wind blast (on Maestro 2S, use only with the 120 MPH scale). Cables, AC adapter, sensors and mounting hardware supplied.
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Maximum Maestro

Maximum Maestro StandardMaximum Maestro Standard
0 - 100 MPH

#NMM0- List Price $595.00Only $525.00

Maximum Maestro 2-SMaximum Maestro 2-S
0 - 40 & 0 - 120 MPH

#NMM0-2S List Price $625.00Only $550.00