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Wireless Maestro

Analog display of wind speed and direction with solar powered 900mhz transmitter.

No cables makes it easier than ever to bring the weather story into your home.

Maximum is pleased to offer the first and only meter driven wireless wind speed and direction instrument. This wireless version of our popular Maestro instrument operates at a powerful 900mhz which allows for up to 300' transmission distance between sensor and read-out, in typical residential installations. When wind conditions change, Maestro receives updates every 2 seconds. The wireless rooftop transmitter operates on solar power and has a built-in rechargeable NiCad battery backup for up to 7 days of operation without sunlight.

Wind speed, wind direction and highest gust are displayed across a 0 - 100 MPH (and 0 - 160 km/h) scale. The built-in and scale doulber and tripler allow you to record winds up to 300 MPH. Wind direction is easily monitored via red LEDs set in a traditional 16-point compass rose pattern. The high gust feature is accessed by moving the bottom installed toggle switch to the right. The indicator needle will move (electronically) to display high wind gust and direction of the gust is displayed on the compass rose. High gust information is stored in the instrument's memory until it is re-set by the user. Wireless Maestro can interface with Wireless Mystic to provide Wind Chill temperature.

Ships complete with solar powered 900mhz rooftop transmitter, NiCad batteries, AC adapter (for indicator), sensors and mounting hardware. A single 900mhz Wireless Receiver (sold separately) is required to operate this system.

  • WMAA Wireless Maestro Brass case, Silver dial
  • WMAB Wireless Maestro Brass case, Black dial
  • WMAAC Wireless Maestro Chrome case, Silver dial
  • WMABC Wireless Maestro Chrome case, Black dial
  • WMAAN Wireless Maestro Nickel case, Silver dial
  • WMABN Wireless Maestro Nickel case, Black dial

  • Maximum Wireless Maestro
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    Maximum Wireless Instruments
    Maximum Wireless Instruments

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    Maximum Maestro
    Maximum Maestro

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