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Mast Pro Harness

BHD-PSG Part #6913065
The Spinlock Mast Pro Harness is the first climbing harness to be specifically designed for marine use. Enhancements provide more comfort while aloft, including extra wide leg straps to reduce 'dead leg' and Yellow interoir pannels for clear twist indication. Replaceable Kevlar covers on the leg straps give essential protection against deck abrasion. Other features include: Spike receptacle, Multi-tool holder, stainless steel buckles, and a tether caddy. What's a tether caddy? It is a strap used to hold the tether aside and keep it out of the way while still clipped in the front.

Spinlock Mast Pro Harness
#SBHM-PSG List Price $200.00Only $159.00

Spinlock Fid
Spinlock Fid

tripping spike

Carabiner Hook
Carabiner Hook

all purpose