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2018 Owen C. Torrey Trophy for Outstanding Service Awarded to Captain Henry Marx

December 7, 2017

LARCHMONT, NY - At the Long Island Sound Station Holiday Party, the Flag Officers and Board were pleased to present the 2018 Owen C. Torrey Memorial Trophy to Captain Henry Marx.

About the Owen C. Torrey Memorial Trophy:

Commodore Charles Ulmer, on behalf of a large group of donors, presented The Owen C. Torrey Memorial Trophy to the Club, in memory of former STC member Owen Torrey. The trophy has an honored place among the trophies which have been given to the STC over the years in memory of members who have made important contributions to our club and our sport. Owen made many contributions to our sport, often behind the scenes, and was often not fully recognized. The trophy is awarded annually to the person, who, in the opinion of the Flag Officers and Board of Governors has rendered "Outstanding Service" to the Storm Trysail Club.


The award was presented to Captain Henry Marx by Owen's widow, STC Member Leggie Torrey. Mrs. Torrey noted that Henry's service extends far beyond the Storm Trysail Club across the sport of offshore sailing. Countless sailors are safer because of Henry's work. Captain Marx has long been a familiar face and voice at safety at sea seminars up and down the East Coast, as well as at his store, Landfall Navigation in Stamford, CT, where he has sold offshore safety equipment for many years. As is typical of a Storm Trysail Club member worth his salt, Henry continues to deliver valuable lessons based on his offshore sailing experience with a bit of punchy humor.

Leggie Torrey, Commodore Lenny Sitar and Captain Henry Marx with the 2018 Owen C. Torrey Memorial Trophy. Photo courtesy of Howard McMichael.

Marx awarded Owen Torrey Trophy