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This Class is Not Offered in 2012

This is a hands-on skill practice in correctly tying the common marine knots, plus a starter in splicing.

Course Overview

Marlinspike: that portion of seamanship devoted to lines, knots, splices and the many marine applications of cordage. Can you tie a bowline around your waist in one move? How much strength does a line lose with a knot in it? A splice? Why is line coiled a certain way?


The class will cover the basic knots useful for power and sail boating: the bowline, rolling hitch, Sheet, double sheet and Carrick bends, sheepshank, highwayman’s cut away, the Alpine Butterfly (useful for tying slippery rope such as polyethylene), and the constrictor knot. You will have coaching and practice to instill these knots in your brain and muscle memory.

The class will include splicing a mariner’s eye and a closed eye splice. Each student will practice and leave with his/her eye splices completed.

Facilitator: Captain Mike Saylor

Tuition: $100.00

Certification: Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Marlinspike.

Notes: In addition to the provided materials you must bring a Marlinespike so you can open the twists.