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Employment Guide

Commercial Marine Career and
Reference Guide

by U.S. Merchant Marine
Staff Officer & Marine Engineer
James Laurence Pelletier

The only complete navigation guide to maritime employment. It takes you through a stepby-step process that is listed in both layman and nautical terms. Pelletier fully describes the merchant service, giving its history, its present situation, and projections for the future. The book clearly explains the full spectrum of the merchant marine, from small passenger vessels that carry six or less passengers for hire to large passenger vessels that carry thousands of passengers, from towboats that ply the waters of the Western Rivers to freighters, crude oil, chemical tankers and containerships, that cross the seven seas, from crewboats working in the Gulf of Mexico "oil patch" to supply boats that service oil and gas rigs worldwide. Merchant marine employment, as the Guide’s nucleus, is handled in a very thorough manner however, the book also covers shipyard careers, marine biology, oceanography, ocean engineering, geology, geophysics, naval architecture, commercial diving, commercial and sport fishing, marine surveyors, commercial yachting and more.

Mariner’s Employment Guide: 1,700 plus addresses and more than 300 Job descriptions and salary ranges listed on 598 pages, containing the following types of commercial merchant marine information: Introduction, Brief History of the U.S. Merchant Marine; Job Situation in the U.S. Merchant Marine, Basic Entry Level Procedures Involved, U.S. Coast Guard Qualification Requirements and Licensing Fundamentals, Merchant Seaman Positions - Brief Position Descriptions and average income/wages for Deep-Draft (Blue Water), Offshore Oil & Gas, Shallow-Draft (Brown Water) Cruise Ships, Specialty Fields in Oceanography, Marine Ocean Engineering, Marine Geologists, Naval Architects & Naval Engineers, Marine Surveyor/Investigator, Commercial Diving, Commercial Fishing, Commercial Yachting, etc. Licensing Levels, U.S. Coast Guard User Fees, U.S. Coast Guard Regional Examination Centers (20 listings), U.S. Coast Guard License Career Tracks, Illustrations of Forms & Letters to be completed for U.S. Coast Guard documentation, Extensive Career Track information and CFR (code of federal regulations) references. Sea Service Requirements, Foreign Flag Service, Military Service, School Service, Shoreside Experience. License Conversions “Quick Reference Examples,” Sample Letters that may be required by the U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Drug Testing Requirements. Important tips, and what this type of work is like. National and International Maritime Transportation Career Contacts (70 listings). Company names, addresses, phone, fax, Websites and brief descriptions of work performed for: Commercial Marine & Aquatic - Employment Agencies, Maritime Unions, Vessel Crewing/Manning, Job Search and Marine Headhunter Companies (145 listings). Maritime & Aquatic Academies, Colleges, Universities, Marine Education Institutions, Marine Training Facilities, Technical Schools, License Exam Preparation, (including Energy, Oil & Gas, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Naval Architecture, Petroleum Engineering, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Commercial Diving, Underwater Remote Sensing & Robotics, Marine/Water Transportation, Maritime Law, Culinary Arts; schools dealing with fresh and salt water employments of all types - Careers vocational and academic guidance K-12 thru Adult), (620 listings). Marine & Aquatic Bookstores, (152 listings). Marine related publications such as, Books, Journals, Magazines, Newsletters and Newspapers (162 listings). Maritime & Aquatic Associations, Clubs, Foundations, Institutions, Organizations, Societies, Federal and State Agencies, (512 listings). Glossary of Maritime, Aquatic and Nautical Terms and Words (1,525 listings).

Mariner’s Employment Guide
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