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Winter/Spring 2018

Marine Diesels Basics Course

Course Length: 6 hours

This seminar, taught by highly experienced Diesel Technicians, helps boat owners become more familiar with their diesel engines.

We'll go through case histories, review samples of worn parts, give you a better understanding of diesel engine do's and don'ts, review check lists and offer some helpful anecdotes plus a few good sea stories!

Marine Diesel Engines: Basic Course
Winter/Spring 2018

Date TBD: 

  • Course Overview
  • Topics covered
  • Certification
  • Course Dates
The key to a satisfying experience with your boat's engine is not knowing how to repair it but knowing how to operate and maintain it so that you do not need repairs. This fast-paced workshop is short on theory and long on practical guidance aimed at owners and operators of marine diesel engines and focuses on do-it-yourself maintenance and trouble-shooting. The course will include a live engine on hand. All Classes are held at our world-class in-house training facility, unless otherwise noted.
  • Diesel combustion theory
  • Marine diesel basic operation
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • How to recognize common engine problems
  • Briefly cover the Electrical
  • Cooling, Lubrication
  • Fuel System
  • Transmissions
Certification: Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Marine Diesel Engines: Basic Course

Notes: Handouts and trouble-shooting guides will be provided in class.
Date TBD