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CruiseGuide for the
Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

A Mile-by-Mile Cruising Guide for Norfolk, VA to Miami, FL

by Mark and Diana Doyle

First and foremost this navigation guide is for the helm, this CruiseGuide provides first-hand guidance. Rather than being a marina directory or a crowd-sourced compendium, we have personally surveyed, depth-recorded, and photographed every single anchorage, marina, and trouble spot—multiple times.

CruiseGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway is a mile-by-mile guide, alerting the helmsperson ahead of time to anything of navigational significance that requires attention or advance planning—including restricted bridges, long stretches without anchorages or pet shore access, perennial shoaling trouble spots, and tricky turn-offs.

Hundreds of anchorages and marinas are detailed, including survey depths, wake and wind exposure, and access to services. Inappropriate anchorages and marinas have been omitted, making your piloting easier by adding our experience, rather than just including everything.

It’s about quality, not quantity. This new guide is the product of our On the Water helm-time, not scuttlebutt.

New features include:

Expanded Content—Detailed descriptions on nearly 600 anchorages, marine facilities, and free docks; anchorage depths at survey; hundreds of waypoints; and 12,000 words on “what to expect.”

Planning Tables—Compendiums such as “ICW Trouble Spots™,” “30 Favorite Anchorages™,” and “50 Frugal Favorites™.”

Email or Text Alert Updates—Free daily updates and alerts sent immediately via Facebook, Twitter, RSS, SMS text, or email.

In addition, the popular features of the original Managing the Waterway continue:

Rolling Header™—Navigation pages have customized headers which “roll” page-by-page and mile-by-mile with your transit—including Safety Info (towing, coast guard, and weather locations) and a Heads Up!™ highlighting the next low-clearance bridges and other navigational hazards that impact your safety or schedule.

Big Pictures™—Custom maps created for ICW boaters, showing counties, capes, and sounds commonly referred to in local weather broadcasts, boater cities and accessible airports, NOAA WX weather towers, and more.

Interpretive Vignettes™—Fascinating accounts of the historical, cultural, and natural highlights of this landmark waterway. Spiral-bound. 174 pgs w/ photos & illustrations. Pub 2013.


Mid-Atlantic U.S.
Mid-Atlantic U.S.


South Eastern U.S.
South Eastern U.S.

FL, AL, MS, LA, TX (Gulf)

Managing The Waterway
Managing The Waterway

Biscayne Bay, FL to Dry Tortugas, FL